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A range of kits for the audiophile


Here you will find everything you need to start constructing your own valve (tube) amplifiers.

You will find a selection of the finest products available to the Hi-Fi Home Constructor, each and every one tested to make sure that it offers a level of performance far, far greater than you can buy in the shops.

If you have ever dreamt that you could own high-end Hi-Fi performance but never been able to afford it, our amplifier kits now put it within your reach. Just read the Technical Information and Reviews. You will see that, by building it yourself, you will not only save a fortune compared to retail products but, also, end up with performance that trounces just about anything you can buy on the market today.

Worried about building it yourself? Don't be. All our kits come with complete step-by-step instructions, liberally illustrated with photographs and diagrams, that take even the novice builder through the process of constructing a fully working product. And because our kits are tested and refined in conjunction with Hi-Fi World magazine, you can be sure of outstanding technical and audible performance from each and every kit.

If you ever need information or help then we are only a phone call away and you can also call upon the expertise of our forum members to help you out too. Our forum is free to join and you can read or enter into discussions on all sorts of hi-fi problems and answers. Just select forum on the top menu on this page

Anyway, have fun browsing our website.

Thank you for looking, Matthew Snell




If you want to buy ready built Hi Fi then click here to see our associate company.  If you are interested in vinyl, turntables and tape then the Timestep forum is for you,  click here to see it.


20 December 2011

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