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petercom 8th June 2006 08:30 AM

Registering with this forum and Forum Rules
There is no charge to register with this forum. All we ask is that you obey the rules of the forum, do not post libellous remarks, and provide us with a current and active e-mail address.

Registering with the forum will allow you to enter into the discussions and ask questions or post replies. Please choose the correct category in which to post new threads.

To register with the forum click on the menu item 'Register'.

We ask for your date of birth only to follow the rules for forums that distinguish between adults and minors. Your date of birth is not made public unless you wish it.

Read and agree to the forum rules.

You will need to decide on a user name and password. Your user name can be your own name or an alias. You must enter a current and active e-mail address. We will send a message to this e-mail address to activate your registration. Without this you will not be able to post to the forum.

Please make sure that your e-mail address is correct. We receive a lot of messages from users who cannot register fully because their e-mail address is not correct, or does not accept messages, or is not active. Double check that your e-mail address is correct before proceeding with registration. We may ban users who do not respond to messages via their e-mail address.

After completing the registration form you will be sent an email for you to confirm your email address in two stages.

First of all click the link in the email that looks like this:

Enter your details in the Form and click Submit. We have to include this step to avoid would-be SPAMMERS who are continually attempting to use this forum for their own commercial activities!

You will then receive an email requesting your confirmation. Please click the link to confirm your email address.

Finally continue with the final step in the Registration process, or go here to complete your forum registration using your username and password:

Note: We will only use your e-mail address for forum announcements and messages concerning World Designs products and will not pass it on to any third party.


This forum is principally for the discussion of World Designs products and components (including previous World Audio Design products), though we welcome posts about anything to do with hi-fi equipment, especially with regard to DIY and kit designs. However there are a few rules that we ask that you abide by, and note that any remarks of a libellous or commercial advertising nature will be deleted by the moderators. These are the basics:

1. If anyone involves themselves in a thread discussing their own design or product they should, as a courtesy to other forum members, disclose their interest in such design or product.

2. Forum members are not required to disclose any commercial interest but may do so if they feel so inclined.

3. Forum members should refrain from promoting or advertising their commercial products and services on the forum without the express permission of the moderators. Links to other sites in your Signature are not allowed and will be removed by the moderators. Repeated infringement of these rules will result in a permanent member ban.

4. The For Sales section of the forum is for private sales only. Any posts regarding commercial products will be removed immediately and without notice.

5. Forum members should avoid libellous remarks regarding other members, commercial products or resellers/retailers. Personal opinions regarding other members, commercial products, resellers/retailers and product designs should be well founded in fact and based on personal experience, not hearsay, and should not be defamatory.

We hope you enjoy our forum and being part of the World Designs community.

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