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jallday 3rd December 2020 09:38 PM

KLS9 replacement tweeters
Does anyone out there have any recommendations for replacing the Audax TM025MO tweeters in my KLS9 speakers? I believe that one of them is on the way out.

Also, any thoughts on where to purchase replacements from?
Many thanks


bob orbell 4th December 2020 09:02 AM

Re: KLS9 replacement tweeters
Hi Jonathan, when our man Greg in Bristol sees this he will respond. Bob

Greg. 4th December 2020 11:43 AM

Re: KLS9 replacement tweeters
Although you’ve been a member for a while, your first post so welcome!

TW025MO are difficult to source now as is the TW025M1 which is a drop in replacement.

The only company I know of that may have stock is

The price list appears five years out of date but I’ve done some checks and they do still appear to be trading. Google them and you’ll see they have a Danish website that appears to be live and current. I bought spare bass drivers from them for my KLS3’s a while back and they were the only company I could find that still had stock. Note they appear to still offer a KLS9 kit. Also ask about alternative replacement. They were easy to deal with.

I would recommend sending an email to them first to check their stock.

Because your KLS9’s are several years old, the wisdom is to replace both tweeters at the same time to ensure stereo balance.

It might be worth contacting and discuss with Jerry. Although they no longer have stock, they may have spares that would enable a rebuild. Again because of age, do both tweeters if this is an option. Jerry might be able to advise on a replacement.

There after there is this eBay Italy advert if you fancy a punt.

Hope that helps a little.

Greg. 4th December 2020 12:16 PM

Re: KLS9 replacement tweeters
Also these on U.K. eBay.

jallday 4th December 2020 05:30 PM

Re: KLS9 replacement tweeters
Thank you for this!

Is the TW025M1 the only drop-in replacement possible?

Many thanks for the info


jallday 4th December 2020 05:54 PM

Re: KLS9 replacement tweeters
I've contacted Falcon and CAD audio. I will post up their advice when I have it. Many thanks once again.

Greg. 4th December 2020 06:52 PM

Re: KLS9 replacement tweeters
Sorry, I donít know if there are any other drop in replacements. I would trust Jerry at Falcon to advise on that. Of course it would be possible to find a similarly specked tweeter and make any necessary alterations to the crossover, but I donít have the knowledge base to advise on that. Again, Jerry could probably help here.

The original Audax specification sheets are here.

jallday 4th December 2020 07:14 PM

Re: KLS9 replacement tweeters
I'm actually using the speakers with an active cross over in a bi-amp situation, so tweaking it should not be a problem: thumbsup:

jallday 4th December 2020 11:41 PM

Re: KLS9 replacement tweeters
Found this:

which looks promising. Never thought of replacing the voice coil. Does anyone have any guidance on how to do this?


bob orbell 5th December 2020 07:35 AM

Re: KLS9 replacement tweeters
If the tweeter is screwed together its simple, if it is riveted, then it will be more challenging. Bob

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