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Black Stuart 21st November 2019 04:16 PM

This site is all about cutting edge digital devices. I get updates about once a week. I'm just checking with Azulletech to see if my Azulle Byte 3 has a compatible slot to take a Warp Drive SSD 1TB portable stick, it requires a 3.2 type C slot. If so I will pop for one of these.

Just got a very speedy reply from Azulle - it is compatible. I may be disappointed with digital copies of my LPs but on another forum some poor sod has all his LPs and CDs stolen. He's lucky he had insurance but I doubt it is '[new for old' here in France I've found that they require receipts for everything and as I bought a huge part of my collection at car boots at the end of the 80's beginning of the 90's they don't exist.

If I have 2 of these external SSDs, storing one with a friend my collection is truly secure as I can unplug the SSD and stash it somewhere unlikely. the hardware I can easily replace.

Check out this site I think all will find it very interesting, of course some may well know about it already.

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