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T.Treacher 28th July 2016 08:44 PM

Rescued! 4 X Tannoy 15" Dual Concentric HPD/385/8 Speakers
if anyone has seen the previous post by Edwin - I am the family member who grabbed these Tannoy's before landfill got them.

Thanks for Phil Y for the clarification that they aren't actually Tannoy Gold (despite being coloured gold).

So the story is, a theatre was sorting an old storage warehouse and these came out to be skipped, so I intervened not fully knowing what they were. After a few trips back and forth they are now taking up half my bedroom...

Three of the custom cheap plywood Arden style cabinets all have Tannoy HPD/385/8s installed with original crossover units (missing a few nobs but look alright on the inside). All have disintegrated foam surrounds but other than that no obvious damage. Think they had been safely stored away for years.

The forth Tannoy driver is loose and very battered. So probably only good for parts.

(See accompanying photos)

Sadly haven't had time to get some XLR cables and test these out. Should probably also whip the crossovers out and have a peek at the circuitry.

I have a basic knowledge of electronics and general DIY techniques/mentality, but would probably struggle to get these back up an running without following detailed instructions. Anyone done something like this or can point to a blog that has?

Ideally I would love to keep two of them as part of a home system but space, time and cash flow are all against me.

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks from, probably, your newest forum member,


p.s. just found out there is an image limit so I made a composite...

John Caswell 28th July 2016 10:38 PM

Re: Rescued! 4 X Tannoy 15" Dual Concentric HPD/385/8 Speakers
Hi Tom,
Even if the cones are eaten away or damaged, they can be re-coned by Lockwood Audio as they are worth a fair amount of money, and I guess that as Tannoy is now moving production abroad, there will be a "perceived" reduction in quality and also a "perceived" increase in price "cos they are Made in the UK. The "Audiophools" will leap into action here:D'oh!:
I suggest that the first thing to do is get them looked at/repaired by Lockwood Audio in Northwood Middx 0144 282 4007, they will probably be able to give you a price over the phone, then go from there.


Phil Y 29th July 2016 07:26 PM

Re: Rescued! 4 X Tannoy 15" Dual Concentric HPD/385/8 Speakers
Hello Tom,

I would second what John says about contacting Lockwood Audio. That is exactly what I did when I got my 12" HPDs about 8 years ago. They replace the whole cone with speech coil and surround. You are virtually getting a new bass unit. At the time, it cost about 300 pounds to have a pair done. This may sound like a lot, but remember that they be worth more than that when repaired so you will not loose money and if you decide to keep them, you will find that you will need to spend a lot more than that to buy something that sounds as good.

Don't be tempted to use a general loudspeaker repair service. Replacement foam surrounds are available but Tannoys are a non standard size so a repair with a "general purpose" part will always be a bodge.

I would not be tempted to use them as they are. In that state you will learn very little about how they should sound. Also, the bashed about unit may well be repairable as long as the magnet and chassis are not damaged.

You say money is tight, how about getting one of the "spare" units repaired and sell it to raise money for the next ?

Regards, Phil.

More info here:

Richard 30th July 2016 08:06 AM

Re: Rescued! 4 X Tannoy 15" Dual Concentric HPD/385/8 Speakers
Nice find Tom!

The XLRs look to be linked through to provide parallel or series connection to the next unit.

I'd remove the XLR connectors from the cab and poke the black wire from the xover through to the outside.

Meter the wires looking for 6 ohms so at least you know they're not short or open, then connect to your amp for a listen, and take it from there :thumbsup:

T.Treacher 31st July 2016 10:14 AM

Re: Rescued! 4 X Tannoy 15" Dual Concentric HPD/385/8 Speakers
Thanks to all knowledgeable direction.

Phil Y : I also had a thought about selling the 'spare' and the 'wreck' to pay for repairs. Think thats looking like the best bet. Your and John's suggestion of Lockwood seems to chime with everything i've read online. They look like the go to for Tannoy re-coning.

Richard : Yep XLR's definitely look set up for a daily chain. Thanks for the 6 ohm meter reading tip. Very wise idea. I would have just plugged them straight in like a wally.

Hopefully I will get some cables and test them out when i'm back in Bristol next week.

Many thanks once again,


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