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Ianm2 26th February 2006 06:30 PM

aikido preamp or phonostage, or both!!
I dunno if Dave has posted this, I had a quick look and couldn't see.

But it promises to be different, and has the potential for being all the rage.

the oldies are all rehashed, there is very little new, but this is a bit.

Has to be tried??

dave dove 26th February 2006 09:22 PM

Re: aikido preamp or phonostage, or both!!

aikido linestage:
john broskie is releasing circuit boards
bas horneman is also producing pcbs
there is also some talk of brian cherry
releasing a DIYhifisupply kit

phonostage is more tricky
there are a couple of circuits
floating about in the ether
one based on broskies first stage:

followed by eq section
then a standard aikido linestage cct
which is a bit of a codge job
-meaning no offence to the perps-

i have seen another circuit
but i couldn't find it again
should have saved it....

an aikido linestage is worth building
it is certainly an ear opener
in theory an aikido phono
would be superb......


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