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electren84 15th June 2009 09:20 AM

Kel84 help!!
Hello my friends I recently completed my kel84 kit , however when I pressed the power button nothing seems to be working!!! First of all the led turns red and after a few seconds it stops shining and drops dead. Then a very low noise like a hum starts and of course when i plug in my cd player it does not amplify. Instead only the noise continues. I have to say that I did the dc heater upgrade modification and used the pi filter as well . I briefly checked some voltages and they seem to be ok for example the dc heater voltage was around 7.1 Volts. Does anyone have a clue of what my problem might be? I will run some more tests and inform you about any other results. I am thanking you in advanced for your proposals.

electren84 15th June 2009 10:49 AM

Re: Kel84 help!!
I should also add that the preamp tubes do not seem to glow as much as seen on pictures in this forum . I don't know if that helps.

David Mccallum 17th June 2009 06:26 PM

Re: Kel84 help!!
Sounds like you need to go over everything again, especially the driver tubes heater circuit - id stick to the original circuit though and if you get a result with that then fine try some mod's if you want to at a later date.

You wont know if you've improved anything if you dont listen to the un-modified amp for a while.

Be careful working with a live amp, a shock aint nice.

If still no joy phone WD, they are good at this.

Good luck

electren84 18th June 2009 04:46 PM

Re: Kel84 help!!
It was nothing, in the end the preamp tubes were crappy , so I replaced them and the amplifier sounded just right. I also had the led wrongly wired but these things happen.

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