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Phil Y 25th August 2017 07:34 PM

Radio 3 hi res
Is anyone else listening to the hi res "broadcasting" of the proms?
It sounds very good as far as I can tell. Not sure of the technicalities but my DAC says 24bit/44.1KHz.
You can find it from the Rad3 homepage. You need an up to date version of Mozilla.


Black Stuart 31st August 2017 09:53 AM

Re: Radio 3 hi res
Hi PhilY,
I live in France and there are so many programmes on radio 3 that I really like, the most important by far is Late Junction.

This was a 'must listen to', not that stupid Fiona Talkington but the incomparable Verity Sharpe. That woman turned me onto so much great music from around the world.

Invested in a cheap but good set of computer speakers recently and of course headed straight for L/J only to find that the output from radio 3 is way too low. I hav'nt had this problem with any other station.

France Musique is THE classical station here and on a Sunday morning has an excellent Jazz programme followed by an hour of the great musicals which my wife loves and so do I. Apart from that it's all awful Europop or p/poor imitation reggae, so I really miss radio 3. I wonder why the BBc does this.

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