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Good afternoon all. I am a new member so this is my first post. Firstly to conform with members wishes please let me introduce myself. My name is Henry and I am not at all technically educated , nor am I even electronically adept. However I am a lover of music , jazz , blues,60sand70s soul and some classical search.
I have been reading a great many of the threads on this site for sometime now and came across the one regarding the bass shy wd25ts. I have a pair of these speakers and am in full agreement of this characteristic. They may very well be room dependent, but if my memory serves me well, they were designed to work in any average normal room so in this instance they have not achieved the objective.
At some point in the future I will try and replace the thick fomefilling and try something else ,long hair wool fibre etc,to free up some volume in the cabs. Has anyone done this already. What was the result.
Henry Curniffe
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