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Welcome Henry. I have also owned a pair of these with the Seas Millennium tweeter. On mine, the treble was absolutely fantastic but the bass was adequate but not stomping. They still made a reasonable sound and obviously they were more than adequate for many music genres especially if they are close to the wall to give Peter's designed 3dB bass lift. They didn't however have the bass slam of my KLS3's.

I would be wary of replacing the foam in the port or at least, don't do anything you can't reverse. Remember they are an aperiodic design and the air resistance the port foam provides is specifically part of the design. I agree with suggestions on how Peter likes to hear his music. I worked with him closely on several occasions when he was MD of WD and in my view, he likes a much brighter treble and lighter bass from what I personally would wish for. I thought all the tweeters were over bright in the 25A and 25T versions until he introduced the Millennium which I think he got right.
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