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Default Re: My Cathode follower with active load.

And that's all that matters Bob. If it works for you then its right.
I am no fan of the ECC82 used as a straight preamplifier valve as i think it has a few shortcomings, but as a cathode follower, where it's working nigh on 100% neg feedback and combined with the extra correction from the broskie active load idea, I really like the basically neutral sound quality coupled with the bass heft, i assume from the valves ability to deliver a highish current from a low output Z. Not to be confused with bass boost, just nice solid bass extension giving added depth and spatial dimension to the sound. I guess that's what you are getting too bob.
I should add that I use very long (6metre) interconnects from pre amp to the mono power amps which feed the speakers via very short wires. Thus low output resistance and good drive are important for me.

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