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Default Re: Kit 34 tubes change bias

Hi Freddie. Thanks for response. I haven't try to relocate amp but will try today. Yes amp is on the top shelf as u can see on the pic I've posted on first page. Below is tuner Cambridge CXN and on the floor next to rack is broadband router. My amp drives pair of Altec Lansing 601C put in to Petite Onken encloser. Just last week bought another amp, vintage, and it's on its way. It's Sherwood S5000 with S2000 Tuner. It's in very good condition and it's the original mk1 model. After renovation and checks.
I appreciate your offer about poop in. If I won't find what causes it maybe we'll do that.
Thanks a lot.

Originally Posted by FreddieT View Post
Hi Aro.

Have you tried relocating the amp (not always easy I know) as I'm beginning to suspect you might be picking up Radio Frequency (RF) impulses with 1 second repeats. This could be via the speaker wiring or the mains wiring or directly through the ether.

Is the amp near a broadband router?

You state in your last post that the buzz is independent of volume and input setting which implies something external may be causing the buzz.

I note you are in Portsmouth. I'm not far away but if you wanted I could pop over and take a look. It can't be this side of Christmas as I'm busy but January is quieter.

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