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Default Re: Help with Kit 34 amp

Hi Jiten, first off, why do you want 4ohm speakers?, I have run a KAT6550 with 4-6 8 and 15 ohm speakers, it has done no harm to the amp, in fact I bought the 4ohm transformers from WAD expressively to run the 4ohm speakers, and to be honest, I changed back to the 8ohm transformers because they sounded better, so I say don't worry. Do not power your amp. up for too long again until you establish what is the cause of the red hot valve, it could be a faulty valve, or the capacitor and or the resistor that connects the valve cathode to ground, have you swapped two of the output valves over ? if so does the problem follow that valve, if it dose it is the valve. BOB
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