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Default Re: Help with Kit 34 amp

Hi Phil,
The first impression was that the sound was flat. However after a few hours the sound is much better and warmer. I am using Monitor Audio Gold GX 300 speakers. Platinums are superior in build as well as a slightly lower bass, 28 Hz instead of 30Hz and a much higher top range 100Khz as opposed to my 40Khz.( I know hearing is well below 20Khz at this age but the high top end does make the sound better!) I will let this run in for a few days and will let you know. for what its worth, initially the sound seemed to come from the speakers but now seems to be more spatial so I hope that gets better over time. I also have a REL subwoofer and using it in conjunction does make you feel the music even when set on very low volume with a cut off frequency of 30 Hz so it does not clash with the main speakers.
The valves are telefunken ECF 80, Svetlana winged C EL 34. CD: Yamaha or arcam Delta 60 - both at least 15 years old but still working well.
Best wishes, Jiten.
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