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Default WD Phono 3 R35

Hi All
After opening up my phono 3 (for the first time in ages) to test square wave response through an inverse RIAA filter recently (having had a good re-read of the build manual) I discovered that I still had the original R35 value fitted (10K 3W) all this time. For the first year or so it was the sole device powered from the WD PSU prior to me building a pre 3. R35 is in series from the power supply and I take it that it compensates for how much current draw the PSU deals with based on what is connected to it.

The manual states that if PSU powers both phono and pre a 1K should be fitted at R35. I have just completed this swap.

My question is is there likelihood of any damage due to running for so long long with high value R35?

Thanks as always
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