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You see it too often when people give up and keep buying new kit, I had my Kls 10's in the garage for 8 years after the original tweeters gave up. The new Seas T25CF002 tweeters brought them back to life.

When time permits I will replace the capacitors with mundorf silver and rewire with the same speaker cable am now using (Van den Hul) revelation, I have already put them from tag board in the Wad 6550 to the back of the speaker terminals, a huge jump in performance from such a simple tweak.

The Audax drivers are top class, there are many limiting factors but the drivers are not among them. Some felt on the front of the baffle may be another useful tweak to reduce diffraction.

Am glad to see Greg optimising the performance from a great sounding speaker, it takes a lot of bottle to cut up an expensive tweeter, the face plate then has to be put back with equal amounts of torque.


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