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Default Re: Any suggestions re; KiT6550 brightness?

Quick update on the Vishay Caps with just over 2 weeks burn in.

At 1st the Vishay's sounded a little lean and closed in. However, the distortion I was previously hearing had completely resolved itself.

With exactly a week's use the bass filled in and amp began to fill out tonaly but was sounding a little hard across the upper mid to the top.

With another week's use the sound began to sweeten with a very good sense of depth.

All in all these caps provide a very good sound and for the money they are amazing. I would describe them in my amp as sounding very neutral and balanced.

I do however, miss that rosy bloom or to use common langauage, warm and full sound of the Jensen PIO when they were working.

Trouble is I'm now wary of using PIO caps in an amp that gets very hot.

I may try some Mundorf Supremes to see what they might bring...
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