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Default Re: Any suggestions re; KiT6550 brightness?

Hi Tony,

Glad to hear you have things on an even keel and are enjoying your music again.
Yes, inside a valve power amp is possibly the worst place to put a PIO cap despite their popularity for that use. They can sound nice but are simply not worth the trouble/risk in my view when there is so much choice out there these days.

You are obviously very sensitive to any high frequency coarseness and any upgrades or changes will need to take that into account. I tried the cable you have in you amp myself a while back and found it a little edgy sounding but not seriously so. I should mention that all my interconnects and speaker cables are silver plated and I do not find them forward or coarse in any way. My speakers (old Tannoys) are not the smoothest in the treble and are fairly revealing so I have to be careful in that area myself.

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