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Default Re: New Poll - CD, Streaming from PC/NAS, Streaming from Web only?

Originally Posted by Phil Y View Post
Hello all,

Well, I have had a play and I still think the Audioquest cable sounds better than the RG59. These things are always difficult, running from one end of the room to the other to swap a cable before playing the same track again but you all know that !

The difference I think is, with the RG59 the sound is more trapped between the speakers. Narrower and shallower, and with more grain on vocals. It remains exactly the same tonally though.

Whether this is because the Audioquest cable is "good" or the RG59 is "bad" who knows ?

Thanks Phil, yes very difficult to AB unless it's really black and white, you'd have to do it un-sighted with someone else changing the cable I suppose.
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