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Hi Chris
"One hi-end company had no rear speaker posts but went straight into the back, one hi-end company pots the crossover with some kind of resin"
I try to keep out of interconnect discussions as I have some fairly strong ideas about them.
However you will rue the day and curse yourself to seven sorts of hell if to do either of the above. Captive cables are an abomination, someone will trip over them either damaging the drive unit connections, or pulling the l/s over completely, usually right onto a sharp corner or glass table and if you also have your x-overs potted as well this just compounds the felony. I would advise you to steer well clear of this, you are getting into audiophool/snake oil territory. I do however agree with external x-overs, they can make a noticeable difference (good or bad) but not at the amplifier end as has been mooted here.
Far better to have top quality silver/gold/platinum/rhodium connectors and good quality cables, which you can either make or buy. For the cost of good cables any dealer worth his salt should have some demo items you can borrow to try out, and forum members here have been known to help out as well


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