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Default Re: KEL84 Conundrum/advice

Originally Posted by Chris View Post
Richard if you prefer Quad 306 then you have the choice to replace the Kel84, or may be a new set of valves, a change of cables, or possible change of caps. I bought some used power cables this week and found the fuse and plugs to be in a need of a clean, the sound improvement was easily noticed. Audio parts degrade and it's a slow process that we do not notice over time. You could easily noticed the different between the Quad 306 and Kel84 so your hearing is not so bad.

Thanks Chris,

Yes, it's the KEL84's components I may wish to explore. Any recommendations for cap or tube replacements would be gratefully received.. I'll clean all leads/contacts later (I think I have some 'dioxit' somewhere).

I can't recall the perceived 'boomings'' when I first used the KEL84.

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