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Default Re: Power lead for a Garrard 401


It's a while since I did anything with a 401 so perhaps Philip or someone will have a look and see that the following is correct.

The manual is here,

Page 11 has the instructions and p.9 and 12 the diagrams.

Afaik you just need a 2 or 3 core mains lead with a mains plug on one end and the other connected as shown.

For safety, an earth wire should be fitted from the deck plate earth tag to mains earth or an earth post on the amplifier (hence you might want to use a 2 or 3 core mains lead).

Pic attached of this wiring, brown, blue, green/yellow, going from a small black Bulgin plug in this case I think, to the deck connector block and earth.

Fit a 3A fuse to the plug and if in any doubt seek help from a TV/audio repair shop.

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