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Default WD PRE3 problems, assistance needed.

Morning all

Its been ages since I last made a post, not that I have made many, but I was wondering if anyone could help me with my WD PRE3? Hereís the problem

I built the WD PRE3 (balanced XL version and PSU3) about 2 years ago, but until recently have not used it. Up until now I have been running my CD player direct into the WAD 6550 KAT power amp. The WAD power amp was bought 12 months ago and had been modified to within an inch of its life. Amongst other internal upgrades it contains a single input and volume control, all of which are working fine.

When I connect the PRE3 via output 1 (not the balanced output) to the 6550 input and the CD player to CD input on the PRE3, I get hardly any sound, Itís like the sound is not amplified, just like listening to a record without a phono stage.

I can adjust both volume controls and the sound slightly increases. I can switch the input selector on the front of the PRE3 and the sound is there on all channels. I can also swap the cables into the AUX input and again the sound is there on most channels. Swapping the cables from red to white inputs makes no difference, the un-amplified sound is still there.

After building the PRE3, all the values were checked in accordance with the build instructions and all were correct. The roundels have been soldered in place and all wiring was checked. I must also add my skill level is limited within electronics and can only follow the build instructions (obviously incorrectly !!) and solder.

Any ideas?
Many thanks in advance for your advice
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