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Default Re: Help needed Kit 88

Originally Posted by John Caswell View Post
Hi K,
I assume that this is a WAD Kit/Kat88 and not a WD 88VA but the same rules apply either way.
If the amplifier is an integrated version with a tape output then you can use this to feed the sub woofer amplifier directly as most sub woofer amplifiers have the necessary frequency contouring circuits built in.
If it is purely an amplifier then you can buy RCA "Y" connectors, sometimes called "two into one" which have two phono sockets and one phono plug (CPC in the UK sell them). The signal goes into one phono socket, the feed to the sub woofer into the other phono socket and the plug into your amplifier. That's it! You will obviously need two of these for stereo.

Hi John, welcome K,

John, I didn't wire my tape sockets and switch up, but looking at Kit88 Tape Out it seems that it wouldn't be controlled by the vol control and would give the full level out of any source selected.

If so there may be 2 other options,

1) if the sub has a high level input it can be used for connecting to the Kit88 speaker output sockets along with the speaker cables

2) if the sub's line input is fairly high impedance (>20K) it should be ok connected to the Kit88 signal input tags R GND L on the pcb. This would give a line level connection after the volume control.
As John says you could then use an un-used pair of RCA sockets such as the Tape Out ones on the back panel as sub connectors.
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