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Default HD-3P refill with air.

I recently purchased a pair of speakers using the KLS3 Audax drivers.
The cabinet has a different design as it has a larger volume and is five sided.
There is also a externally mounted crossover.
The HD-3P Gold Peizo Tweeter had the crinkle surface due to deflation. I was OK with this as I was aware of my alternate choices for a replacement tweeter.
I looked upon the HD-3P as sacrificial, so before I went forward and investigated the full requirements to exchange this tweeter. I had a dabble, using some past very basic instruction I had read, I removed a tweeter and started my investigation to identify a inlet for re-inflating the Gold Peizo Dome with air.
I have achieved the intended task and am pleased with the outcome.
I had a few hours listening to the speakers on the eve of my modification attempts, and was very aware of a lacking in the highs and mids.
Following my success at re-inflating, I had another listening session, revisiting the previous days replays. The difference in performance was very much improved to my untrained ears, I could not imagine myself wanting more, I have a speaker that has a very similar expression as my ESL57 when listing to female vocals, the speakers now also project a very listenable mid/high presentation into the room.
I have left a Roadmap of Steps to achieve a air refill on another forum, if anybody would like to be directed to these and read a few follow up comments PM me.
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