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Default Re: HD-3P refill with air.

Thank you four support on the HD-3P re-inflation.
I have to this date not found a set of steps that will give confidence to a individual, who has desire to reinflate the Gold Piezo Diaphragm.
The link supplied by Greg, should if all deflation is of the same cause, allow a individual to re-inflate their HD-3P Diaphragm.
I have experienced after a simple procedure, a replay to be enjoyed.
I can not vouch if the end product matches the original factory set up, but it will be usable and be capable of offering a performance that satisfies.
After pondering some of the earlier responses a I received to my posts, I asked myself, how many drive units, after years of service are a match to the original
Factory set up. In my mind I think not many, UV deterioration on foam surrounds, voice coils slowly deteriorating.Electro static films degrading.
Speakers containing these type of deteriorating drive units are still valued for their performance by their owners. If a renovation take place, where is the assurity they are now performing to the original factory setting.
A difference in a performance for the better may be heard that offers a enthused enjoyment and a renewed pride of ownership may be instilled. I,ll settle for that.
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