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Default Re: Poll - Vinyl, CD, Squeezebox/MP3, Radio?

Originally Posted by Greg. View Post
I really don't understand the arguements that suggest that all recorded music lovers sold off their vinyl and record decks and then subsequently discovered they had been misled with the arrival of digital sources such as CDP's. Surely this cannot be the case if you have the ears to hear properly? If you have, you would readily have identified at the introduction of CDP's that the sound reproduced was inferior or, your LP replay systems were at the time well sub-standard.

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Didn't like the current music trends much.
Started to lose interest in serious listening.
Get married and spend time working on house.
First child arrives and damages turntable.
CD begins to look a sensible alternative.
First CD player sounds disappointing compared to lowly TD150.
Loose even more interest, and take up building remote control planes.
Third generation CD player now sounding nicer, and interest re-kindled.
Give up flying planes, spending to much time repairing the things.
CD collection grows and LPs go. Lots of extra space and wife happy.
Enthusiasm returns and start building speakers again, wife not happy.

20 years on and well developed CD playing system now sounds much better to me, than budget vinyl system. No regrets any more..
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