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Question K5881 Power Amp Clicking In BOTH Channels

Hello all,

I built this amp a while back - about a couple of months after it was first released, to be honest - and, save for around a year when I had a couple of Audio Innovations S1000s on loan, it's been in near constant use ever since.

I've replaced the valves twice since I've had it (both pre- AND power-stages) with identical valves to those specified in the original Mk1 design, and have been more than happy with it!

However, this afternoon I noticed a mild and regular 'clicking' in both channels (around 2-5Hz) present behind the music. Interestingly, when I disconnected the source (an AI pre-amp) by removing the 2 phono connectors at the back of the power amp itself, the clicking actually got LOUDER; this was a pity as I half-expected it to disappear altogether!

So, any ideas what it might be?


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