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Default Re: K5881 Power Amp Clicking In BOTH Channels

Originally Posted by steveecrane View Post
Hello all,

I built this amp a while back - about a couple of months after it was first released, to be honest - and, save for around a year when I had a couple of Audio Innovations S1000s on loan, it's been in near constant use ever since.

I've replaced the valves twice since I've had it (both pre- AND power-stages) with identical valves to those specified in the original Mk1 design, and have been more than happy with it!

However, this afternoon I noticed a mild and regular 'clicking' in both channels (around 2-5Hz) present behind the music. Interestingly, when I disconnected the source (an AI pre-amp) by removing the 2 phono connectors at the back of the power amp itself, the clicking actually got LOUDER; this was a pity as I half-expected it to disappear altogether!

So, any ideas what it might be?


Hi Steve.

This may sound like a silly question, but have you recently installed either a wi-fi modem, or a DECT 'phone?

I have a WAD K5881 Mk2 connected to QUAD 57's and three years ago, had similar problems. At the time, I had just installed a Linksys 54G wi-fi modem and shortly thereafter, a DECT phone I was evaluating for Phillips. I started getting similar problems and it was only after I removed the DECT phone at the end of the fortnight's test period, that the loud ticking stopped, but I was left with a very quiet buzz, which I hadn't had previously.

Realising at that point, that the phone had been causing the loud clicking, I decided to switch off the wi-fi modem and lo, the clicking stopped. As I had been having problems getting the modem to accept all three of my computers at the same time - which I had failed to do, no matter what I did - I decided to remove it and return to my cabled system and all was well. No more buzzes; clicks, or hum from my Hi-Fi.

I hope this helps you resolve your problem, but if not, maybe someone else can offer you appropriate advice.

As for your Mk1, if you should be interested in upgrading it to Mk2 standards, I have all the info you need, as recently supplied to two other members of this forum.


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