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Thumbs up Re: K5881 Power Amp Clicking In BOTH Channels

Russ / John,

I will take a look at both 'solutions' over the next couple of days and let you know.

I have had wi-fi (and these DECT phones) for many, MANY years (multiple variants of the Linksys WRT54xx) and this version has been installed for at least 2 of these!

As to the possibility of static from the Tx covers, this could be a possibility, given the fact that I did not utilise these amps for a while and they were stored in various (cold) places (though no damp, thankfully).

Finally, as regards the v2 'upgrade':

i) What's the difference (in sound terms)?
ii) Why do it (other than it improves the sound)?
iii) What's actually involved?
iv) Where can I acquire any required parts?
v) What's the cost?
vi) Any downsides - concerns, issues, risks, et al?

I suppose the final question is "Are there any other worthwhile 'upgrades' or tweaks to perform first" (or subsequently, for that matter!)? I have to be honest and feel the only thing that would seriously improve my set-up is if I had 2 K5881s to bi-amp with, as I had with the S1000s! :p

(As an aside: These power amps were only 'retired' as one of the 4 wire-wound resistors decided to get somewhat hot, and melt/burn the PCB!!! I think this may be a cathode resistor blowing as a consequence of a failing EL34 valve. Should've replaced them with 5881s as many folks suggest, e.g.!).

Ah well, live and learn!

Thanks again for all your (rapid) feedback - greatly appreciated!


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