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Default Re: New WD25Tex build

Originally Posted by VantheMan View Post
Nice job. I also have Wd25TExs in a sandwich of particular board and mdf skin which I had sprayed by a pro.

From your photos I take it you meant to say Jantzen capacitors rather than Jensens. Did you use 2 (6.8uF and 3.3uF) to reach the 10.1uF peter specified.for the woofer ? I ended up using a Russian teflon and anotherRussky PIO cap but I am definitely looking to change them I have been told to use a single cap of 10.0uF for thios purpose. Dunno if it makes any difference. Did Peter use 2 because it was easier to reach 10.1uF or is there a sound reason for it, I wonder.

Don't forget the capacitors tolerance, if they are 1%, 10.1 could be 10.201, or 9.999, so you could and should select components of equal value for each channel, but I doubt you will hear any difference. BOB
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