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Default KiT/KaT6550 and fuse blowing inrush current

I’ve been working on a WAD KaT6550 for a friend to get it up and running after a long time not being used. I have got it working satisfactorily and it sounds great. At my place I had no problems with the well documented fuse blowing at switch on that these amps are known for, however my friend has had these problems on using it in his own home.

I’ve done the research in the archives here and recognise the options of increasing the rating of the fuse (I recognise opinions on the wisdom of this are split) and/or introducing a current inrush limiter. The one recommended originally by John from Farrell has been superseded by this one.

My friend wants me to do some other tweaking to his amp and one I intend to do is fit the excellent little simple mains filter with spike suppressor to the rear of the IEC socket.

I need to know if it is satisfactory to fit both the simple filter and the inrush current limiting thermistor together. If this is wrong, how should I approach the desire for a simple mains filter, spike suppressor and an inrush current limiter?

Thanks in anticipation.
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