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Default Kel84 hisssssssssss

Hi all. My first post here and also my first amp.

I've now had the amp roughly 3-4 months. My problem is as soon as I switch the amp on I get hissing and the occasional pops coming through the speakers. It isn't very loud and you cant hear it when playing music.
Being inquisitive I removed the bottom and had a look about.
It seems whoever made the amp either didn't tighten up the screws or left a black wire off for some reason. I tried to trace it back and found its the black wire running straight across the black - outputs at the back of the amp.
Here's a few pictures of the internals, I've circled in red the loose wire.
I'm not sure the connection blocks are standard? I've been looking on line and no one seems to have this in there's!?

Oh PS: I must let you all know that my electronics skill is zero so any advice for a first timer would be greatly appreciated.

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