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Default Balanced circuits for Pre/phono/psu 2and3

Good afternoon all.
Since joining this most enjoyable forum I have spent some time catching up on past threads on various component changes and circuit alteration of the venerable pre/phono/psu....2/3 units. The various routes taken so far seem to be in search for to achieve audible improvements/circuit efficiency etc.
As you can see from my antecedent declaration I am an electronics technical ignoramus however some of the discussions I have found to be useful.
Three is however one subject that I have read about in magazines and elsewhere that lends itself to the subject of audio improvement but not discussed here ,it is that of balanced circuit. I've read that the record player/cartridges lends itself to this naturally. I do not know the technical difficulties that this may present with these units but in the search for audio nirvana or valhalla there may be some merit to be achieved.
I wonder if anyone might have looked at this in the past and could share their findings.
Sorry for the ramblings and I look forward to your replies.
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