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Default Re: Listening session

Thank you for opening up a subject dear to my heart.

In my opinion the digital revolution is moving too fast, and is being pushed mainly for commercial reasons, and the quality of sound reproduction has got lost somewhere in all this.

Way back in the 70's when CD's were being launched as the biggest revolution in music storage, I had my reservations. Some how the sound from the CD's and systems just didnt match up to the quality of good tape, let alone vinyl recordings. I was told "you will get used to the different type of distortion ", after 30 years and a lot of early equipment swapping I still cant like it.

Having been brought up in a generation when music was played live with 5 to 10 peolple bands and the variety of instruments played at Dance halls, Pubs and Concerts, and not being too shabby on Flute, Guitar, and drums myself. The sound from CD's just isnt real, it allways sounds manufactured, thin and cold from a CD, even vocals seem to have an underlying thin rasp when compared to live listening or vinyl.

Yes the dealers told me that things would improve as time passed, technology would solve the problems . OO yea.

The result was, I only had limited access to new music, and I sorta relied on my collection of LP's as my main source of entertainment.

Then Salvation , Halaluljah, while in a friends house I saw a valve amp which he didnt take much persuading to show off. We listened to both the Vinyl, and the CD version of Pink Floyds "Darkside of the Moon ", and what a treat.
The Cd version was listenable to . And that was how I became hooked on the Valve amp.

While CD's still dont seem to capture ALL the harmonics of Instruments or Vocals at least they dont make me want to fall asleep while im listening anymore.

BRING BACK VINYL . even groups like the Who and Paul McCartney are on record for wishing its return
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