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Default Re: My Cathode follower with active load.

Question away Bob.
I haven't used ECC88 and its variants so you have the edge on me there.
Be careful though with Russian "equivalents" as many are not identical valves but may be "Similar enough" to work in a circuit. I have to say I haven't bothered with the ECC88 on the basis that it's an expensive valve compared with the ECC82 and 81 types that most of my stuff uses.
I have tried a few different ECC82 types in that circuit and I'll accept that perhaps my ears aren't as perceptive as others, but I really couldn't hear that much if any difference using that valve type. I wouldn't expect to either as the point of broskies circuit is to use the double triode's non linearities against itself in order to correct any distortions caused by such non linearities.
I often think that what we perceive as one valves "superiority" over another is more a function of a circuit that fails to compensate for such things as a valve ageing or other factors that will alter the sound quality obtained.
This is of course only my opinion based on what I think I hear. So don't shoot me!

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