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Default Re: My Cathode follower with active load.

A thought just sprang to mind Bob.
You are using that board configured as a White CF? I see the latest design of it (mines an earlier one) allows you to configure the circuit as white CF rather than Aikido.
In that case my personal observations on the circuit being fairly valve brand "agnostic" would not apply to your particular circuit? And go some way to explaining why you hear distinct differences between brands of ECC88/6922?
I kept mine totally standard and tweaked the resistor values to be spot on in the important potential divider to the grid of the lower triode.
I'm currently using it with my pair of very cheap and cheerful Edicron branded ECC82 and I can't really say i hear a difference between them and a pair of Raytheon 5814 that I scored at a swapmeet. Which is what I want of course.

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