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Default Re: Speakers for my Kel84

Thanks for the feedback provided so far.

Indeed part of the exercise of choosing the right speaker is more or less based on personal taste. In my situation though, I don't have the luxury to try them out cos in my country it's very hard to find HI-FI speakers in stock let alone try them out for a weekend. I have to order everything from abroad.

In my original post I was more focused on specs rather then personal taste. One thing for sure is that I need to choose sensitive speakers. The other requirement is a nominal 8ohm impedance with minimal dips especially below 4 ohms across the spectrum.

The WD25A fit the spec but can't purchase them any longer. Was wondering if anyone has experience with other speakers that fit both the spec and the budget.

Both the Klipsch and the Monitor Audio mentioned above fit the spec and budget but wasn't sure if I was making the right choice by shortlisting them.
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