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Default Re: KEL84 from the recycling centre

Thank you snowman_al, and right you were. Once I retested again with everything connected and valves in, the ECF80 heater voltage was exactly 6.3Vdc, and now it all works!

A big thank you all for the support on this forum.

I have it set up in my lounge with a pair of cheap Sony SS-D20's that I got for testing, but I have a pair of 12" 7ohm Phillips AD2500M speakers (1960/70's hand me downs from my father) I'll get serviced as I restore the cabinets. I had a look at the heater BR mod, but I can't hear any hum at all from the amp even when turned right up, so I think I'll leave as is for the time being.

What I will do, which I just noticed when I went to set it up, is that whoever built this, installed all the phono jacks, and speaker terminals in the wrong colour position, probably similar to how I didn't notice while working with the unit upside-down the whole time seeing red on top, and black underneath. Not important, but now I know it's there, it'll keep me awake at night, so out with the soldering iron again this weekend.

I'll post some pictures later, including all the socketing I did on the PCB.

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