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Default Re: what are you listening to now

we have a subscription with Orange here in France, it's about 40 a month for i/net (very fast connection) Sat. TV and landline-to-landline for 80 countries 24/7 and I've used it to do business calls to Taiwan/USA/Australia - and don't have to think about the cost.

The hook-up box from Orange failed a few years ago and they gave us a more up-to-date one. They never bothered to tell us that for a month we would get free access to a lot of pay-to-view channels, I only found out by chance when I punched in the wrong numbers one night.

Over here there are 3 music channels, two are classical and one jazz/pop nostalgia and modern. They cost about 20 p.m. The classical is really good and you get to hear and see the best of the world, same goes for jazz concerts and all in high definition sound.

If and when we finally get to live in a house that I have specced (French building is crap, old and new) then I will shell out for a good a/v system. For that free month we saw some excellent concerts both classical and jazz.Mezzo is the name of the classical channel.

The French still have FM but there is only one station that is good - France Musique, the rest are Europop crap.

We still miss Sunday morning in Spain RTE 1 - tea and toast in bed listening to classical concerts @ 8AM from the RTE(radio,television, espana) concert hall in Madrid.
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