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Default Re: what are you listening to now

Had to visit the town where we are moving to and they have a street market with a space for a few flea market type stalls.

Saw a stall with a box of LPs, including boxed sets. Being a compulsive record buyer I had to go and have a look. All the LPs and boxed sets were Mint, storing meant slight damage to the corners.

This is the second time I have encountered mint decades old vinyl in France. The old man running the store was asking for 5 per LP - a bit steep. Lots of Karajan/Deutsche stuff and a lot of Vega classical stuff, never heard of the label before, so cautious.

Ended up buying a Vangelis - Opera Sauvage (new to me), A Paul Kuentz version of the Four Seasons, A French Decca SXL / FFSS (wide band) Rafael Fruebeck de Burgos / Albeniz Suite Espanol ( a beautiful piece of music. A classic (no pun intended) example of how differently classic and pop music was treated and a Japanese pressing by Denon of an Arthur Moreira-Lima / Villa Lobos for piano recorded using PCM in 77. This must have been one of the first digital recordings - be interesting to hear what it sounds like. All will need to be cleaned on my Moth RCM because it's obvious that knuckle draggers have been 'handling' them, luckily they didn't 'play' them.

It would seem that when record shops closed down in France they simply could'nt shift their stock and not just classical - there was some Joan Baez mint LPs as well. I knew I'd get into trouble with my other half if I bought too much.
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