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Default Re: Help Required to Find a Transformer


I suspect Canterbury Windings will be way over 100 which would kill the project.


The AnTek transformer is $34.50 and USPS is $73.50 using the shipping estimator, total $108, or 81, which is more than the Hammond but not a lot more, so it might work. Is that about what you paid for shipping ?

Colin / Pre65

The problem is unknown customs and VAT. What's your experience with customs and VAT on AnTek transformers please ?

It's a toroid so the chassis would need a re-think. The 'traditional' layout is to put the an EI transformer on the top to keep the stray electormagnetic field outside the box ? Can you put a toroid inside the chassis because of the much lower stray EM field ?


Thanks for the pointer to the vt4c site. An R core is a good idea. There are plenty on eBay I'm never sure if they are good for UK 230/40, so it's good to see some cited as UK spec. I will have a dig around on the site.


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