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Default Re: Sometimes you have to get lucky.

you were very lucky, all the rock LPs I have seen in France were all utterly nackered. Visited a music shop in Toulouse and they had a s/hand vinyl section, which they should have been ashamed to offer for sale.

I've got about 4-500 LPs I want to sell in the near future, I will have to see if there are any record fairs in Toulouse, like there used to be in Brighton which was a magnet attracting buyers from London.

Not sure I will keep the Faust boxed set but really looking forward to the Berlioz/Romeo & Julliette.

The Decca FFSS 6LP set is nowhere to be seen on Ebay, closest was a double LP of some of the sonatas @23.

I wonder if this friend of yours had an older brother. about 4 years ago there was a private seller who was making a fortune selling mint LPs still in their cellophane wrappers. He bought 2 of everything and recorded on to tape/cassette only one - Stones/Beatles he had the lot.

This was not an easy thing for ordinary wage earners to do since LPs in the 60s' were anything but cheap.
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