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Default Updated website plus ...

Dear All

Today we smash a bottle of champagne across the bows of the latest version of the website. Do have a glance!

We also celebrate the launch of a new preamplifier: Pre4

Its heritage is avowedly Pre3 and it is powered by an un-modified PSU3. A splendid new PCB with ground plane and lots of double landings, loads of room for upgrade components, interstage attenuation to tame unwanted gain and - wonder of wonders - remote control for volume, input selection and a mute function. It all adds up to "fairly nice" and I'm rather proud of it!

Grateful thanks are due to Ian Tyldesley, of this parish, who knocked up the design of a very fine remote control circuit and to John Caswell for resolutely supporting the project at every turn.

Enthusiasts will note that the remote control kit is available separately, along with the existing, very compatible, input relay control board. And also that we are making available our own WD potentiometer PCBs to ease fiddly pot. wiring - these are available in both "standard" and "shunt" versions.


(It's just possible that in shunting files around, the forum may have been "disturbed" - it looks fine to me so far, but I'd be grateful to hear any adverse reports ...)

All best,

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