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Default Record clamp/weight

I'd been thinking of getting a record weight for a while, with the matts i use there isnt enough spindle to use a clamp.
Looking around they are generally around 500g and around £25.

In homebase today i found a doorstop, it looked about the right size and had the right look. I took it to the bathroom scales bit and it weighed, 1K, although i dont know how acurate the scales were.
There £7.99. I bought one to try. Its the right size, although the rubber ring might restrict things of the music gets very close to the lable. My rega arm will reach to within about 7-8mm from the lable. Take the ring off and it will get to the lable before it hits the weight.
It even has a rubber base. It obviously needs to be drilled a little. This doesnt look to be a problem.
Anyway, heres a pic,

Sorry for my usual bad quality photo's.

I thought people might be interested in a cheep weight.
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