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Default KEL84 clicks and pops from right channel?


At the beginning of the year I purchased a second hand KEL84 that was already complete and working but was an early version. I decided that I liked the sound quality but felt it could be improved by upgrading various components and implementing the various improvements that were made to the design over the years. So I proceeded to strip the whole thing down and repopulate the board with boutique components including higher wattage resistors and Schottky diodes etc. The amp worked perfectly afterwards and I felt the sound quality had improved.

Over the last six months or so I've gradually experimented with different valves and cables and during this time the amp has continued to work perfectly. Then about a week ago I started to get clicks and pops from the right speaker. These sound very similar to what you get from a scratched vinyl record. I've tried lots of things to narrow down the source of these including disconnecting the KEL84 from my preamp, swapping power cables, valves, speaker cables, speakers etc. So I've come to the conclusion that something is wrong with the amp it's self. I've had a look inside the amp and can't see any obvious signs of failing components. So I'm hoping someone can shed some light on what could be causing this issue or give me some guidance on what tests to perform inside the amp?

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