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Default Re: KEL84 clicks and pops from right channel?

Hi Richard, thanks for the advice.

I've tried swapping the input and output valves between channels and between different makes of valves. All the valves I've tried only have a few hundred hours on them. I've also tried cleaning the valve sockets and valve pins with Deoxit. Non of that helped and the noises remained on the right channel. I then had another look inside the amp and noticed that there was some flux residue around the valve socket pins on the underside of the PCB. So I cleaned that off and gave the rest of that side of the board a good clean at the same time. That's also not helped. As far as I can see all of the solder joints are still good as well.

So the only things I can think of now are that there is some flux residue on the other side of the board that's creating a high resistance joint, a component is failing somewhere or perhaps a valve socket is failing inside where I can't see.

Do you have any other ideas and what do you think I should check next?

This is really starting to frustrate me now as I was just starting to get happy with the sound I was getting from my system.
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