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Default Re: KEL84 clicks and pops from right channel?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the advice.

I've ruled out most things that could be causing interference like my Wi-Fi and mobile phone but I've not tried turning off my land line cordless phones, so I'll give that a go. As far as mains noise goes, I don't think that's the source as I've tried running the amp off two different filters and also had a Belkin noise sniffer running all day. The sniffer makes a noise whenever it detects crud on the mains and although it made a few noises now and then, none of them ever coincided with noises from the right speaker.

None of the components can be breaking down due to age as I literally replaced everything with brand new replacements at the start of the year. However that's not to say that something hasn't failed due to a manufacturing defect. So I guess I need to start checking component values to see if anything has drifted. I know that all the caps and resistors had spot on values when I started as I tested every single one before and after installation to make sure I hadn't over heated anything. I also read the info in the faq about the resistor wattages needing uprating so I used 2W Kiwame carbon film resistors all round except for the ones that I upped to 12W Mills wirewounds (cathode/anode) and a couple of tantalums where I couldn't get the right value Kiwame. All the resistors and diodes were spaced away from the PCB to allow better air flow. I even soldered the grid resistors directly to the valve bases to ensure they were as close as possible.

I'll dig out my DMM and start testing. I'll let you know how I get on.


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