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Default Re: Upgrade ideas for 300B PP

Hi Lyndon,
Why not run it for say 3-6 months to see what you think of it! Then maybe you can decide whether you want to,make it "better". I use this term advisably as no one has yet been able to define the term "better".
If you decide to upgrade then do it one item at a time, to decide what differences it has made, or not, and it may even be advantageous just to do one side/channel so you have a reference as to what it sounded like beforehand.
Whatever you do, do not attack it mob handed and change everything because someone else has done it, that is akin to putting your head in the oven and lighting it just 'cos granny said so.
I get many items in for repair because the customer read, "I have changed all the capacitors 'cos Joe Blogs said it is the thing to do" and then find it doesn't work because they either don't know what they are doing, - very common - or they are not watching what they are doing.

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