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Default Re: Upgrade ideas for 300B PP

With all the festive goings-on it will take me a while to digest what you have both said but I can confirm:-
1) yes I will heed John's advice and not rush into things!
2) it is indeed Gerry's amp and the day I visited to buy it Richard called round. In between reminiscing obout 1970's kit speakers I did manage to learn that Gerry imported it from Canada about 10yrs ago and Richard got involved because it had a quite significant wiring error on one of the opt's , presumably from the original build. So he sorted that and tidied the wiring. It seems to be in original condition except the feedback switch on the back has been replaced by an earth post. So it is in fixed feedback- less mode. The only upgrade I am aware of is that the v1 - v2 coupling caps have been replaced by unbranded Russian(?) Teflon ones.
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